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To be conscious you must be "conscious of" something, and this means that consciousness, by nature, establishes an apparent duality, or separation, between the one who is conscious and that which one is conscious of.

Awareness, by contrast, is a sense of being, of presence, without reference to any object or to separation. Since Awareness is neither an object, nor focused on an object, but is what I call the infinite Point (free of dimensional limitation with reference to time-space), Awareness can be "Self-Aware" without establishing a duality.

Limiting Awareness by iteration with dimensionals into time-space yields a result that is fractalic of Awareness; this result of dimensional iteration is what I am referring to as "consciousness" in this writing.

A mathematical way of modeling what I am describing is the following fractalic equation, where A = Awareness, a = consciousness, and d = dimension:

a = A * a + d

After each iteration, "a" (consciousness, the result) is returned to the equation and recalculated to yield the next iteration of "a", and so forth. In the first iteration, A = a, and since Awareness = Infinity = Oneness = Unity, the number 1 can be used as the value of "A". In the second iteration, "A" no longer equals "a", but "A" will always equal Unity. Iterating this equation using the Tiera-Zon fractal program yielded the fractal graphic below.

Awareness iterated into consciousness in 4 dimensions
Awareness iterated into consciousness in 4 dimensions, as seen in Chapter 5, page 23.

The above graphic is a representation of the Awareness iterated into consciousness equation (a = A* a + 4), using 4 as the dimensional value, as is characteristic of the prevailing time-space consensus perception. Note the linear, wavelike structure, going "deeper and deeper" as iteration increases

(Excerpted from Fractalic Awakening - A Seeker's Guide, Chapter 5)

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