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Please note that this is an excerpt from the book, and as such, assumes that the reader is familiar both with the fundamental fractalic concepts presented prior to this excerpt and with the neologisms, or new terminology, developed by the author and explained in the glossary.

Another way of viewing the enercentrics (chakras) is in order here. The traditional way of mapping chakras is to place them more or less in a line from the base of the spine to the top of the head, with the "lowest" one near the base of the spine and the "highest" one near the top of the head. That illustration is one model for the enercentrics; here I introduce another model that is more congruent with the sphere as a self-similar characteristic of the panfractalic.

Beginning with the heart center, consider that this "4th chakra" is the spherical center of a set of concentric spheres, or spherics. I call this "heart center" the primary spheric. The next spheric has the 5th enercentric as its "north" pole and the 3rd enercentric as its "south" pole. The tertiary spheric has the 6th enercentric as its "north" pole and the 2nd enercentric, its "south" pole. The next spheric has the 7th enercentric as the "north" pole and the 1st enercentric as the "south" pole. Yet another spheric is just out of perceptual range, having what I call "enercentric 0" as the "south" pole and the 8th enercentric as the "north" pole. This "highest" spheric is actually the "portal" out of space/time, and exit happens when the primary spheric, through the catiterative process, has expanded to encompass all the other spherics.

The latest understanding I have, as this book goes to press, is that the concentric spheres or spherics are not separate, discrete spheres, but are the involutions of a single spheric. Each involution is a 180° inward inversion of the preceding spheric, and the “enercentrics” represent the 180° “turn around” points. The involutions are additional iteration (surprise!), making the “expansion” of the primary (4th) spheric the catiteration of these involutions. The involution “turn around” points representing the 5th, 6th, and 7th enercentrics are in phasic harmony with the primary spheric, while the 1st through 3rd are 180° out of phase with the primary, explaining why mystics intuit that the “upper”, or “north” enercentrics are the “higher” enercentrics. Again, the Möbius twists forming the involutions are along a “higher” dimension than the spatial dimensions we are acquainted with, making my model merely a symbolic representation projected along fewer dimensions, not actual Reality.

The image on this page is a diagrammatic representation of the enercentric system as concentric spheres, with the 4th (heart) enercentric at the center. This image is reproduced here courtesy of Frank Perry.

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Excerpted from Fractalic Awakening, Chapter 17

Post-publication notes: The Center of the spheric of your energetic being is not the primary, or 4th, enercentric, but rather the Infinite Point. By definition, the Infinite Point (Awareness, Equanimic) is the center, not just of whatever is being perceived, but is the Center, period. The primary enercentric is "located" above or "north" of the Infinite Point. In the involuted spheric model, the enercentrics (chakras) are not exactly north and south poles as described in the discrete sphere model. Rather, they are phasic poles, meaning, for example, that the third enercentric is 180 degrees out of phase with the "opposite" fifth enercentric.

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