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The universal panfractalic is a complex matrix of numerous dimensionals iterated by each other on so many scales and in so many ways that apparent individuality and dissimilarity has manifested instead of the obvious recursive self-similarity of "pure" mathematical fractals. This apparent individuality, where recursive self-similarity appears to break down, has led some to think that many structures cannot be modeled by fractal geometry. I propose that such a perception is in error because the high complexity (deep multidimensional iteration) of the universal panfractalic, the vast scale and focus, and the continual parametric iteration flux over time is what has produced the apparent separate and distinct, non-similar manifestations.

In fact, even at our present state of technological advancement, software has been designed with the capacity for iterating landscape images with photo-realistic detail, using fractalic formulae. One such program, MojoWorld, actually iterates the entire planet, yielding a planetary fractal environment that can be explored just like a graphic of the Mandelbrot set! The image that follows is a panoramic example of what I am describing here

Default planet in MojoWorld
A view of the default planet in MojoWorld, from Chapter 13, page 65.

Like nowhere on Earth, because they are nowhere on Earth, these fractal planets (complete with Moon and rings) can be zoomed into, flown over, and explored in almost every way that a "real" planet can. The addition of a time dimensional (and a more powerful computer to iterate it), gives these planets changing clouds, and a "day" and a "night" as well.

The grasp of each of the fractal characteristics I've pointed out is extremely important in understanding Experience and Path, the nature of consciousness and Awareness, and the universal panfractalic.

(Excerpted from Fractalic Awakening - A Seeker's Guide, Chapter 13)

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