Fractalic Awakening

Please note that this is an excerpt from the book, and as such, assumes that the reader is familiar both with the fundamental fractalic concepts presented prior to this excerpt and with the neologisms, or new terminology, developed by the author and explained in the glossary.

Equanimic, in addition to being the energetic of lowest iteration, can catiterate other energetic interacting with it. One way of viewing this aspect is to state that one characteristic of Equanimic is as self-refining, self-organizing energetic. The practical meaning is that Equanimic energetic initiates Change in iterated systems exposed to it. Also, the nature of Equanimic is that all energetic entering the "event horizon" of a being in Equanimic is catiterated towards Equanimic.

If a being in Equanimic is visualized as a golden sun-like orb, a zone can be perceived just outside the diameter of the orb, and appearing to separate the orb from the surrounding iterated energetic field. This interface zone is where the energetic conversion takes place (see the graphic below). The conversion process is a disiteration process that reduces the iterations to Equanimic relative to the ambient panfractalic system state. As time-space energetic is disiterated, the influence zone of Equanimic increases, and as the influence zone increases, so the amount of energetic disiterated increases, and so on. The disiteration action requires the processing of full-spectrum energetics (darkest through lightest) because if this were not so, you can see that you would be left with an unbalanced system (excessively dark or light) and thus not Equanimic.

Disiteration of Experience by a Being in Equanimic
Disiteration of Experience by a Being in Equanimic, as seen in Chapter 9, page 42.

Above is a graphic representation of iterated energetic being disiterated at the event horizon of a being in Equanimic. The area close to the right edge is the depth of the being in Equanimic and the area at center and to the left of center is the iterated energetic of time space. The interface zone is clearly visible to the right of center, with the conversion area just to the right of the interface zone, showing as a darker banding.

(Excerpted from Fractalic Awakening - A Seeker's Guide, Chapter 9)

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