Fractalic Awakening

Glossary of Fractalic Terminology

The following short list is a reference for words that I have developed to describe concepts presented in this book. Also included are "standard" words defined by me in a non-ordinary manner.

Aniteration - the increasing of iteration (increasing dimensionality) in a fractalic system.

Awi (AH-wee) - acronym word that means "all who is" and is synonymous with "cosmic Awareness", "God", "All that is", etc.

Awia (AH-wee-ah) - acronym word that means "all who I am", and is synonymous with "my Higher Self".

Awya (AH-wee-yah) - acronym word that means "all who you are", and is synonymous with "your Higher Self".

Catiteration - the decreasing of iteration (decreasing dimensionality) in a fractalic system.

Dimensional - is a fraction of a whole dimension when a whole dimension is defined as a unique parameter of infinite measure. For example, a line of infinite length is a whole dimension, while a line of finite length is a dimensional of that whole dimension.

Disiteration - the complete elimination of iteration (elimination of dimensionality); a return to pure Awareness and the infinite Point (absolute), or the reduction of dimensional iteration to the minimum parametric threshold defining current reality (relative).

Enercentric - a term used for the energetic centers, known as chakras in Eastern mysticism. Seven major enercentrics exist; they are the heart enercentric, the three enercentrics "south" of the heart (the lower chakras), and the three enercentrics "north" of the heart (the upper chakras). The heart enercentric does not correspond to the physical heart, but is the heart, or seat, of energetic transformation, with the infinite Point at its center.

Equanimic - means the energetic of 0 iterations, the primary creative energetic, and also is the nature of the infinite Point, or Awareness. "Net Equanimic" means that the panfractalic has an absolute value of Equanimic. Because the absolute value of the panfractalic must remain Equanimic, all aniteration must result in a counterbalancing reiteration and unexpected outcome.

Energetic - nonphysical energy that can be processed and transmuted from one form to another just as can be done with physical energy, such as heat or light.

Fractalic - literally means "like a fractal" or having the characteristics that define a fractal.

Iterant - literally is "part" of Awi, or Awareness. This is not the same as "us" as "individuals" because, although "we" too are "parts" of Awi, "we" are the result of much deeper iteration than an iterant. An iterant is a first-degree iteration of Awi and, for example, would be "assigned" an entire parametric Universe.

Iterosion - an "iteration implosion", or a condensing from the infinite Void to the limitations of dimensionality. Also can mean an "iteration explosion", or an expanding of dimensional iteration out from the infinite Point, but that definition is symbolic rather than literal.

Panfractalic - literally refers to the physical Universe and all other dimension-based realities as well. The phrase, "universal panfractalic", refers to our physical Universe.

Polaric - of, or relating to, polarities in Experience. Polarics are polarized aspects of Experience. A familiar polaric example is a situation with two extremes and a "center". The two extremes are the "poles" and the rest is the spectrum of the situation.

Reiteration - the constant recalculation of panfractalic perception as a result of changes made in dimensional parameters.

Rote - term originally used by Robert Monroe in his book, Far Journeys, to refer to a nonphysical "package" of thought, feeling, perception, and response. This package can be copied and transferred nonphysically from one being to another so as to enable them to comprehend a specific experience in toto.

Spheric - is a descriptive term for the spherical nature of the human energetic system, consciousness, and the panfractalic itself. Spheric is synonymous with a Möbius sphere, a hollow sphere with only one surface (i.e. inner surface and outer surface are the same surface) and no edges or holes.

Transfocus - a transcending of the focus of conscious awareness from one reality to another, as in a vision.

Transfrequent - a transcending of conscious awareness from one frequency to another, as in "dying" or "being born".

Transiteration - a transcending of consciousness from one state of dimensional iteration to another, and synonymous with transfrequent. The primary meaning is the process of Awareness iterating into consciousness and physical Experience.

Unity - term used to mean "infinity" but more particularly meaning "Oneness" or "the One". Catiterating any dimension to Unity means to realize Oneness (i.e. to be centered) reference that dimension. Catiterating all whole dimensions to Unity would "place" you "at" the infinite Point.

(Excerpted from Fractalic Awakening - A Seeker's Guide, Chapter 24, and revised September 2005)

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