Fractalic Awakening II

Paradox and Path

Understanding and Being while experiencing Human requires that one develop a working comprehension of the role of paradox in life. Paradox is going to be evident in Moment on Path, so you need to become comfortable with it. Now, the basis for the existence of paradox lies in the polaric nature of space/time dimensionality. Remembering that the mystical knowledge that all is One is in fact a correct understanding of Reality, iteration of the Infinite Point into the dimensional known as a "line" (i.e. what most people think of as a "one dimensional" construct) has given rise to paradox. You see, the entire line is resolvable to the center of the line, so the two "poles", being equal, manifest this characteristic of paradox. Any manifestation that can be resolved into a linear spectrum with "opposite" poles and a center is going to show this characteristic of paradox. As I explained in Fractalic Awakening, consciousness is iterated linearly from Awareness, just as emotional energetic is iterated linearly from Equanimic energetic. Life Experience, itself, is oriented linearly along the time dimensional. The result is that life Experience is rife with paradox.

A powerful example of paradox in action is a process I call "embrendering". To "embrender" is to embrace and surrender Experience simultaneously. This is, of course, a paradoxical activity because the ego wants to know how you can embrace anything and surrender it at the same time. The resolution of a paradox like this is Equanimic, because when you embrace unconditionally and surrender unconditionally, the actions become equivalent. This means that there is no aspect of Experience that you are not able to embrace, and no aspect of Experience that you are not able to surrender. Embrendering means you experience fully without placing limitations on Experience. It is just as "fine" while it is "happening" as it is when it has "ceased". Interacting with others in this manner frees them to be who they are when they are with you.

When you do this, neither embracing nor surrender involves any dimensional limitations, and that is the nature of Equanimic, or being truly centered.

Note that you continue to perform actions (make "choices") while in Equanimic, but whatever you do (or do not do), you do without adding dimensional values or parameters to it. This is a spiritual practice that is not done to completion while in space/time Experience; you will continue with it long after space/time Experience is but a distant memory.

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