Fractalic Awakening II

Infinite Dimension and dimensionlessness

Having a firm grasp on the nature of dimensionality, alternate realities, and alternate universes leads one to the question of what the ultimate destination, the One, or the Center, a.k.a the Infinite Point, is like. Fundamentally, Infinite Dimension and dimensionlessness are, simultaneously, characteristic of the Infinite Point. To begin understanding how something can be both of infinite Dimension and dimensionless at the same time, consider the following example: a word with infinite meanings compared to a word with no meaning. A word with no meaning has no definition; a word with infinite meanings, likewise, has no definition. If your first thought is that the word with infinite meanings does in fact have a definition, ask yourself which of the infinite meanings is the definition. The answer is both "all" and "none", making it equivalent to a word with no meaning, because a word with no meaning could mean anything even though it means nothing. The paradox evident in this is part and parcel of space/time perception and, especially, beliefs that involve the necessity for the existence of absolutes. In sequential understanding, the extremes provide a sense of absolutism even while the rest of the spectrum still exists. This is also characteristic of consciousness, as contrasted with Awareness. The apparent paradox exists only because of the polaric nature of consciousness; Awareness has no difficulty with the equivalency of infinite Dimension and dimensionlessness because Awareness is simultaneous in nature. A word with infinite meanings is congruent with "All is One" or simultaneous perception.

Focus on the concept of a word with infinite meanings and you will have no choice but to conclude that such a word is meaningless, just as is the concept of a word with no meaning. However, if you widen your focus towards the Point of Awareness, a word of infinite meanings is evidently not only necessary, but is singularly Real.

Likewise, consider another concept; billions of words, all with the same meaning, and see what you learn from focusing on it. The most interesting aspect of that idea is that it is congruent with what space/time Experience really represents to us, and demonstrates the idea that the learning you require for spiritual growth is not only ever-present, but everywhere-present. Given that words are symbols, and that everything manifested as the space/time universe is symbolic in nature, you have your example that is akin to the concept of billions of words (symbols), all with the same meaning. The concept is also congruent with the nature of fractals; an infinity of shapes and patterns yet all derived from one equation.

The practical understanding here is that Awareness, being of Infinite Dimension, is not subject to any limitation whatsoever. This state of Infinite Dimension is equivalent to dimensionlessness, or freedom from dimensional limitation, which is also the nature of the Infinite Point. Remember that dimensionality is conceptual, not Real, and that is the fundamental realization that makes Infinite Dimension and dimensionlessness synonymous.

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