Fractalic Awakening II

Coincidental Living

While coincidences are a surprise to some and unimportant to others, they represent a glimpse into a completely different way of being, or experiencing, human, as we are doing here on planet Earth. To be entirely accurate, I must state that coincidence is an essential component of all activity, but for most people, the coincidences they experience are what I call engineered coincidence. This engineering is made possible by the use of a consensus measurement, shown by a familiar device we know of as a clock. While these devices do not measure time itself, their use as a common reference can enable the motion, or activities, of individuals to coincide, thus the engineering of coincidence.

True coincidence, however, is not orchestrated by the ego self or with the aid of external devices, but rather by the Higher Selves (Awwa, All Who We Are) working within temporal dimensions in time/space. Just as we have built technologies, along with native ability, around our understanding of spatial dimensions in space/time, beings in time/space also have technologies built around their understanding of temporal dimensions in time/space. Using these technologies, or their native ability, these beings can see connections or intersections between changelines that are relevant to the spiritual progression of particular individuals. Via temporal amplitude modulation, Awwa can relay that information along the changelines of the particular individuals whose choices will affect the connections. This information, in most instances, would be perceived subconsciously by the individuals receiving it.

In fact, a case can be made for the assumption that this kind of communication is taking place constantly, much as AM radio transmissions are broadcast constantly, but that by and large we are unaware of it because either our "radios" are not tuned to the right station, or they are not turned on.

To live the coincidental life, an individual must have experience that demonstrates conclusively that Awwa can be trusted. In truth, this is like saying that before a person can get out of bed, they must be convinced that gravity will hold their body to the ground when they put their feet on the floor. I provide this example because the nature of Awwa is as self-evident as the nature of gravity. What we lack is awareness of that part of ourselves. This is part of the objective of spiritual practice; to be able to trust one's Self is fundamental to spiritual growth.

So living coincidentally is not a practice that we just decide one day to do, but is something we grow into as we progress spiritually. Those who are conscious enough to be taking an active part in the trek along the spiritual Path notice that coincidences tend to become more frequent as growth unfolds. At a certain critical point, the self and Self merge enough so that living coincidentally is understood to be more natural than living by engineered coincidence. An observer may think that such a person is getting "luckier", as they seem to be at the right place at the right time more and more without planning it to be so. The reality is that one is always at the right place; it is just a question of consciousness vs. awareness in any given situation. As far as being at the right time is concerned, this is actually a reference to the coincidence of activity, not matching measurements along a dimension called time. The motion is along spatial dimensions, not temporal, so time is not a factor in any of this as far as we in space/time are concerned. How "long" did it take for this motion to occur? This is only understood by recognizing that any measurement of how "long" something takes is only possible by using a reference movement, such as the movement of a hand around a circular clock face. For example, if a given motion occurred while the minute hand moved one inch around the clock face, the accurate statement would be that the motion took 1 inch to occur. That's how "long" it took! Once you grasp this fully, what we are accustomed to calling "time" becomes increasingly less relevant.

True time is a factor with Awwa as it is motion along temporal dimensions in time/space that Awwa is utilizing in order to obtain the information needed to allow coincidence to manifest in space/time. However, the motion along temporal dimensions experienced by beings in time/space is not the kind of motion that we in space/time would call "time travel". For Awwa, this motion is instantaneous, just as our motion in space/time is. Yes, I did state that our motion in space/time is instantaneous. The only reason why we would be in disagreement over that statement is because in space/time experience we are comparing finite motions with finite motions. Our physical senses detect and measure finite motions or changes, so we experience the illusion of longer and shorter experiences. But when using the Reference, Infinity, we understand that all finite motion is infinitesimal, or instantaneous for all practical purposes, relative to the Reference.

So from the point of view of Awwa, the motion of living is a dance, and coincidence is when partners join to dance together as a natural result of their spontaneous or inspired movement. Awwa is the part of us that is the choreographer, and we, as the incarnations, are the dancers.

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